Musings #59 Cat-oflage


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“You can keep as quiet as you like, but one of these days somebody is going to find you.” 
― Haruki Murakami 

Panky performing cat-oflage.

“Canz youz see me now?”

Polydactyl Panfur Purrs for Wordless Wednesday

Musings #58 Asleep

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“To assume a cat’s asleep is a grave mistake.

He can close his eyes and keep both his ears awake.”

~ Aileen Fisher

Panky and Troyer are all ears!

Panfur Purrs For Wordless Wednesday.

Musings #57 Birthdays

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“Birthdays are the only year-round holiday, because no matter what day it is,

there’s always somebody to celebrate.

 Jarod Kintz

Happy Birthday to my polydactyl panfurs!

The young Troyer Meowgi celebrated his first birthday on March 09, and

Panky’s third anniversary was April 1st.

What special things did we do to acknowledge the occasion?

Extra play time, lots of cheek rubs and chin scritches,

along with some extra special tasting treats!

Panfur Purrs for Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #56 Clever




“He is quiet and small, he is black
From his ears to the tip of his tail;
He can creep through the tiniest crack
He can walk on the narrowest rail.
He can pick any card from a pack,
He is equally cunning with dice;
He is always deceiving you into believing
That he’s only hunting for mice.
He can play any trick with a cork
Or a spoon and a bit of fish-paste;
If you look for a knife or a fork
And you think it is merely misplaced -
You have seen it one moment, and then it is gawn!
But you’ll find it next week lying out on the lawn.
And we all say: OH!
Well I never!
Was there ever
A Cat so clever
As Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!” 

T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Panfur Purrs fur almost Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #55 Purr



“Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr. [...] Almost all cats make us feel good about ourselves because they let us know they feel good about us, about themselves, and about our relationship with them. A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is a reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves — that we are nice.” 
― Roger A. CarasA Celebration Of Cats

Panky has the quietest purr- I have to feel along his throat to feel his purring.

Panfur Purrs for Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #54 Look


“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.” 
— Dr. Seuss

The polydactyl panfurs Panky and Troyer.

Purrs fur Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #53 #Petchat Pals

As many may know, DaMa Edna paw-ticipates on the weekly Twitter #petchat. She say she found dis online chat many moons ago (dat means way before Iz lives here) and enjoys da camaraderie wif the peeps that make #petchat fun.

Wut is #petchat?

A weekly chat, hosted by @Petchat Mz Elly McGuire,  every Monday night that starts at 8 pm Eastern time. The topics vary every week, and sometimes they venture off topic. There’s even a special Golden Poop Award! As @EmmySits describes it: “The Golden Poop Award is given each week to the #PetChat participant who is first to say this sacred word. Everyone wants it . . . few can claim it.”

 #Petchat Golden Poop Award
Below is alphabetical list of #petchat peeps that posted up their Social Media info from 02/24/14′s Topic: “Pet social media- brag/share/post link to your info.”
Hope you’ll join us every Monday!

I do! My name iz Boris Kitty on ALL ma accounts every wherez #petchat

I also Tweet from @BrendaPerrott & help @WildeOscarCat Would love visitors to see DEAR LUCKY cover & info  #petchat

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I have a new literary dog blog that folks seem to enjoy.  newest post  #petchat

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    11.        DeAnna McKillip ‏@k9carryall  

We now have umbrellas on our site!  #petchat

do u have a facebook page?#petchat 


Hi #PetChat! I’m a Brit who writes about pets … Will be filming in US soon 

Would be amazing if you could spread the word about @GLAnimalHouse, @whskr! :-) … Helping People Help Animals

    13.    Dr. Harvey ‏@drharvey  

Do you know someone who has a dog suffering from #kidney Issues?#AllTooCommon #ThereIsHope … #PetChat

     14.        Dr. Joanna Paul ‏@CreatureClinic  

Hi all :) would love some likes over at  always open to ideas about what you’d like to hear about too #petchat

    15.    Ebony McKenna ‏@EbonyMcKenna  

Hello to everyone in #petchat. My novels feature a talking ferret. They’re romances, obviously.

Talking ferret for the win! Here are my books  originally published in UK and now worldwide

@NailahBone LOL T/YT:EAN. Blogs: ,  Pin/other Twitter: PankyThePanfur #petchat

    17.      Elly McGuire ‏@petchat  

Hey #PETCHAT Peeps. Thks 4 following @schmittysays And chk out/pass around her letter 2 R new Mayor in #NYC. 

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    21.      Katie ‏@writeandrescue … there is my facebook page! #petchat

Livelovemeow on #instagram #petchat

our etsy shoppe 

OK #PetChat folk our FB is here  Where is yours?

    25.      Nailah ‏@NailahBone  

If anyone wants to be friends pls check us out! #petchat 

got a blog at 

    26.     Pepper Pomeranian ‏@PepperPom  

my instagram is pepperspaws #petchat

BOL!! my blog has a custom domain :)  #petch

my G+, YT, blog, all named Pepper/PepperPom/ Pepper Pomeranian #petchat

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    36.      The Petter ‏@PetterPlanner  

What’s The Petter you ask?  #petchat

Share your FB link! <<<< … >>>> #petchat

    37.      WalkDoggin ‏@WalkDoggin  

Looking for dog people/businesses to follow and be followed by – check out  if you’re a dog owner/dogwalker #petchat

Great idea! We are at …

Musings #52 Bohemian

“The kitten has a luxurious, Bohemian, unpuritanical nature. It eats six meals a day, plays furiously with a toy mouse and a piece of rope, and suddenly falls into a deep sleep whenever the fit takes it. It never feels the necessity to do anything to justify its existence; it does not want to be a Good Citizen; it has never heard of Service. It knows that it is beautiful and delightful, and it considers that a sufficient contribution to the general good. And in return for its beauty and charm it expects fish, meat, and vegetables, a comfortable bed, a chair by the grate fire, and endless petting.”

Robertson Davies,

The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks.

Panfur Purrs fur Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #51 Buy

“Buy a dog a toy, and he’ll play with it forever.

Buy a cat a present, and it will play with the wrapper for 10 minutes.”


Panfur Purrs fur Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #50 Asleep

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“Cats are always there when you need them, asleep,
telling you with their body language that they don’t need you.”
Panfur Purrs Fur Wordless Wednesday!

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