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Musings #7 Honesty


“A cat has absolute emotional honesty:

human beings, for one reason or another,

may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”
~Ernest Hemmingway~

Happy Wordless Wednesday

Musings #6 Never


“Never wear anything that panics the cat.”  ~P.J. O’Rourke

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Review: Modern Cat Studio’s Modkicker Toy

The Mancat’s review of Modern Cat Studio’s Modkicker Toy: 016

He is interested.


Claw durability, check.


and there’s the prey bite!

Looks like a winner in this household! 🙂

About the Modern Cat Studio Modkicker Toy:

… Perfect for bunny kicking, attacking, and snuggling, these cat toys are stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill for extra kick. Made with sturdy designer fabrics….

5% of the purchase price (not including shipping & handling) will be donated to the Moderncat Studio Cat Charity Donation Program. Each month a different cat-related charity is chosen to receive 5% of all sales from that month. For more info on this month’s charity, please visit

Modkicker Cat Toy information:

Disclaimer:  I am employed by the Nutro Company. I am not compensated for reviewing this product. I received the Modern Cat Studio Modkicker Toy at Blog Paws 2012 as gratuity for photographing Flat Panky posing on/around the many different products featured in the Catification Lounge as shown in this video:

Musings #5 Fuzzy


Iz feeling a bit fuzzy today.

Did you ever have days like dis?

Happy Wordless Wednesday.

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Musings #4 Kitty Kisses


The Panky giving me Kitty Kisses.

Inspired by:

8 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Sometimes it can seem as though your feline friends give you attention only when they’re hungry or want to play. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.
Cats do give signs of affection, and if you watch for them — although they’re subtle — they’re very clear. Which of these signs does your cat display?

1. Rubbing and Tapping

These are the obvious ones. Head rubbing, tail tapping and brushing up against you when passing by are all very clear signs of cat love.

2. Grooming

Cats groom one another to bond. If cats groom you, they’re reminding you that you are a part of their family.

3. Kneading

Kittens knead their mother’s belly to get more milk while nursing. Kneading on your skin and drooling are definitive signs that your cat is happy.

4. Following

Have you noticed that your cat usually is in the same room as you? Cats might not act like they notice you’re there, but they definitely meander into the same room as you for a reason.

5. Gifts

Cats are natural hunters. When they bring you what they consider a fine catch — a mouse, bird or snake — they’re letting you know that they have something to offer, too.

6. Missing You

You might not see that cats are sad when you’re gone, but notice how they welcome you home. Do they meet you at the door? Meow a “hello” and brush against you when you come inside? These are all ways cats have of letting you know they’re glad you’re back.

7. Kitty Kisses

This is a less noticeable sign of affection, but one that means a lot in the cat world. “Cat kisses” are when cats look at you and blink, squint or shut their eyes. That’s their way of saying they aren’t a threat to you.

8. Lying on Their Back

Exposing the belly is another sign of vulnerability that lets you know your cat trusts you and feels comfortable in your shared space. Remember, however, that this isn’t always an invitation for a belly rub. Return the gesture by approaching your cat with respect when they are in this vulnerable position.


How does your cat show their affection for you?

Happy (almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Disclaimer: I am employed by The Nutro Company. No compensation was recieved for posting this content.  All opinions posted here are my own.

Musings #3 Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Mancat,

who amuses and delights me

with his enchanting purrsonality.

“I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the
ability to produce food which they take for granted–but his or her
entertainment value.”

 ~Geoffrey Household

A Typical Day in Panky’s Life:


Brekkie Noms. Toona.


DaMa plays wif me every morning.


After breakfast and play nap.

Nuthing better than a good nap with a belly full of gud noms.

Bark World Expo 1021 034

Gotta check the out side tv- I dot Iz herd birdz.


Afternoon nap.

Looking fur birds is exhausting.


Practicing Panfur stalk an hunt skillz.

Bark World Expo 1021 036

Mid-afternoon nap.


Snaky Noms.


Purrfect time of the day for prey hunt.


Stare at DaMa.


Really stare at DaMa.


Hiding in mai tunnel. DaMa calls it playtime.


Dindin Noms. Toona.


Gud Nitey Purrs.