Review: Modern Cat Studio’s Modkicker Toy

The Mancat’s review of Modern Cat Studio’s Modkicker Toy: 016

He is interested.


Claw durability, check.


and there’s the prey bite!

Looks like a winner in this household! 🙂

About the Modern Cat Studio Modkicker Toy:

… Perfect for bunny kicking, attacking, and snuggling, these cat toys are stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill for extra kick. Made with sturdy designer fabrics….

5% of the purchase price (not including shipping & handling) will be donated to the Moderncat Studio Cat Charity Donation Program. Each month a different cat-related charity is chosen to receive 5% of all sales from that month. For more info on this month’s charity, please visit

Modkicker Cat Toy information:

Disclaimer:  I am employed by the Nutro Company. I am not compensated for reviewing this product. I received the Modern Cat Studio Modkicker Toy at Blog Paws 2012 as gratuity for photographing Flat Panky posing on/around the many different products featured in the Catification Lounge as shown in this video:


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