Musings #15 Naming Mini-Me

It’s official! The Mini-Me has a name!

Please welcome Troyer!


Troyer: Yesh, Dat’s mai namez! Don’t wear it out.

How did we arrive at this choice?

1. Verne Troyer is the actor who portrayed the character Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies who was the inspiration of this moniker.

2.  Troy, is a male given first name. The male given name is used in English-speaking countries and derives from the Irish Gaelic Troightheach, meaning “foot soldier”. ~from Wikipedia. (purrfect for a polydactyl)

3. Short list of Famous real-life people named Troy:

Troy Donahue, American actor and teen idol of the 1950s and early 1960s. Troy Tulowitzki, Major League Baseball shortstop for the Colorado Rockies. Troy Smith, American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Troy Aikman, sportscaster and former American Football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Troy Polamalu, American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

4. Origin of the name Troy:

Transferred use of the surname originating from the place-name Troyes in Aube, Normandy. Alternatively, the name may be bestowed in reference to the name of the ancient Phrygian city in northwestern Asia Minor, which was the scene of the Trojan War.

5. Troyer is short for Destroyer, as he certainly disrupted the idyllic life Panky had grown accustomed to.


Troyer: Enough talkin- Playz time! Wut’s ober dere?


Troyer: MeWowee Human- Look at me! Iz chillaxin wif mai big brofur.

Panky: Does dis mean he really gonna live here now dat he got name? I have to share mai things like mai toys like wut he did in video?

Baby Panfur playing with the Turbo Scratcher

Happy Whisker Wednesday!

About Edna Wong

Pet lover, especially Dalmatians and black cats! Former Pet Nutrition Specialist with The Nutro Company 2006 - 03/28/2015. I was also an original Nutro's Online Ambassador Program team member on You Tube and Twitter 2009 - 2014 as EdnaAtNutro. I have been online since AOL went unlimited and never looked back.

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  1. Happy Whisker Wednesday! Super cool name!

  2. Such a lot of information for a little mancat! But surely he’ll grow into it! Con-cat-ulations on the official naming of your new house panther! I think Panky is sizing up a pillowcase that Troyer might fit into.

  3. Hello Troyer! Cool name lil panfur! Hugs,

  4. Wow, you really put a lot of thought and effort into naming your little polydactyl destroyer cat. Our mom keeps lists of names she likes and then just starts throwing them at us until one sticks. MOL. We loves, loves, loves black cats at our house; though, we don’t have one right now. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • LOL I usually observe a particular personality trait to arrive at the naming of any four legger here. 🙂 The male Dalmatian chose his name once he heard me say it out loud! LOL I kept referring this baby kitten as Mini-Me and decided to do a little research. Troyer has been responding to his name for over a week now.
      Purrs to you Janet, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

  5. Concats Troyer!!!
    What a beautiful, proud, well deserved name. You are so smart, nailing down this white, mousey ball.
    Just be nice to Panky.
    Pawhugs Handsome Troyer xxx

  6. themusingsofacrazycatlady

    Hi, Troyer! You’ve got a great name. Purrs from your black kitty friends, Ateret and Livia.

  7. Cool Name! Hello Troyer!! You sure are a cute fella. Tail wags Panky.

    • Troyer: Fanks you bery much Mz. Carma. Big brofur Panky is in lub wif you and Iz can see why- you got such a floofy tail dat Iz want to play wifs. MOL
      Happy Whisker Wednesday to you.

  8. Welcome Troyer, what a lovely post your Mum has done. Thank you for this. We appreciate it and look forward to hearinf from Panky how you are getting on!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website truly stands out : D.

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