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Musings #51 Buy

“Buy a dog a toy, and he’ll play with it forever.

Buy a cat a present, and it will play with the wrapper for 10 minutes.”


Panfur Purrs fur Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #50 Asleep

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“Cats are always there when you need them, asleep,
telling you with their body language that they don’t need you.”
Panfur Purrs Fur Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #49 Grow Up

IMG_4281 (2)
“When I grow up I mean to be
A Lion large and fierce to see.
I’ll mew so loud that Cook in fright
Will give me all the cream in sight.
And anyone who dares to say
‘Poor Puss’ to me will rue the day.
Then having swallowed him I’ll creep
Into the Guest Room Bed to sleep.”
The young panfur Troyer.
Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Musings #48 Feline

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“Which is more beautiful–
feline movement or feline stillness?”
Elizabeth Hamilton
Panky: Iz say Iz handsome no matter wut Iz doing.

Panfur Purrs for Wordless Wednesday!