Haiz! Welcome to ManCat Musings!

Mai name is Panky. It’s short for HankyPanky. I am a polydactyl, black American Shorthair wif an extra toe on both of mai front paws. Maiz official birfdate celebratshun is April 1, 2011, which makes me an Aries as well as  Year of the Rabbit.

I wuz dumped off in August 2011 wif mai brudder on a pile of junk inna pillowcase. Da brudder got a home wif DaMa’s friend, while it took about ten days to catch me because I jumped out of the pillowcase and ran and hid.

DaMa Edna thought itz best fur me to haf mai own bloggy. It was bound ta happen as Iz tuk ober her life, including a Twitter account she wuzn’t using dat much.

If you wood like to read about my earlier Musings, please visit http://AspottyedView.wordpress.com

Added 07/24/2013:

Introducing mai new brofur- Troyer. He is also a polydactyl panfur with seven toes on his right front paws and six on the left.  He was born 03/09/2013, which wood make himz Pisces, and a Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. Musings #14 is where you can read more about his homecoming.

DaMa saw him and his furblings available for adoption at one of the pet stores she worked at, and decided that he was purr-fect for me. Da jury is still out on that decision.

Mancat Musings is about my panfur lifestyle Iz accustomed to around here, which some say its natural cattitude.  Sumtimes there will be  impawtant cat issues, product reviews, and may include a guest post or two by Troyer.

In case you’re wondering about DaMa Edna, here’s some infurmation about her:

“I’m a former Pet Nutrition Specialist with the Nutro Company from October 2006 to March 2015.  In March 2009, I became part of Nutro’s Online Ambassador Program on Twitter and You Tube until the program ended December 2014.”

Polydactyl Panfur Purrs!

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